Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset
Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset
Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset
Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset
Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset
Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset
Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset
Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset

Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset

Say goodbye to normal hair removal. Expeirence our new Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset launched. 

  • Enjoy a silky-smooth hair removal experience at home
  • IPL pulsed light technology
  • Long lasting hair removal
  • Safe and reliable

Long-Lasting Results and Permanent Hair Removal:

Feature: After 8-12 uses, users can achieve significant hair reduction, ultimately leading to permanent hair removal.
Benefit: Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for an extended period, reducing the hassle and cost associated with traditional hair removal methods.


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Efficient and Time-Saving:

Feature: Full-body laser hair removal takes only 5-10 minutes per session, making it a quick and efficient solution.
Benefit: Users experience a time-saving hair removal process, eliminating the need for frequent and lengthy appointments, such as waxing sessions.

Safe and User-Friendly Design:

Feature: The device is equipped with clinical-grade technology for safe at-home use, with adjustable power levels.
Benefit: Users can confidently perform laser hair removal at home, experiencing a painless and safe process. The device is versatile, suitable for various body parts, and comes with eye protection for added safety during treatments near the eyes.


Warm Tips:

Do not use the product on individuals with skin diseases.
❌ Avoid repeated use on the same skin area within a few seconds.
❌ The device must be connected to a power cord for operation.

Maintenance Routine:

During the initial 2-3 months, use the device once every two weeks.
Subsequently, reduce the frequency to once a month.
After the first year, perform treatments twice a year for maintenance.

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Hair Removal Device Using Steps


Step 1

Remove and clean the skin surface hair


Step 2

Connect the power supply and switch on the device


Step 3

Adjust the comfortable intensity level


Step 4

Wear the protection glasses


Step 5

Place the device vertically against the skin and press the button to make a flash


Step 6

Enjoy your ultra comfort hair removal experience

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IPL pulsed light technology
Safe and reliable
Long lasting
Certified for all type Skins

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Frequently asked questions

For the first 2-3 months, we recommend using the Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset once every two weeks to achieve the best results. After this initial period, you can reduce the frequency to once a month for maintenance. Following this regimen consistently will help you enjoy long-lasting smoothness.

Yes, the Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset is designed to be safe and effective on various body parts, including sensitive areas like the bikini line and face. The device comes with adjustable power levels to ensure a comfortable and customized experience. Additionally, always use the provided eye protection when treating areas near the eyes for enhanced safety.

Visible results may vary among individuals, but many users experience a noticeable reduction in hair growth after 8-12 uses. Consistent use of the Full Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Handset leads to long-lasting results, with some achieving permanent hair removal. Patience and adherence to the recommended usage frequency are key to maximizing the effectiveness of the device.

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